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Raja | 14/09/2015

Thanks for so many varieties but I dont find so many varieties of fish in Chennai, Where to find such varieties? also the way fish is sold looks very bad in general...

English name?

JEYARAJ | 25/08/2015

Can anyone tell English and arabic name of Kannaadi paarai meen (fish); i am desparatly searching in the fish market in UAE for that fish...? Pl help.

fish name

sabaa | 08/05/2015

Thanks a lot.....


Sarah | 16/04/2015

I love the website. I came to find the Tamil name for smelt and did! Now I can find good karavadu and kolambu recipes. Thank you!

Re: kudos!

F Yanick | 22/06/2017

Hi Sarah
Glad that you found what you were looking for in my webnode. Hope you enjoyed you karuvaa kozhambu. ;)

Fish name

Jagan | 27/03/2015

Could you please let us know Kalanga fish name in English


Nakul | 21/01/2013

Hi thanks for your communication... still i doesn't know the fish tamil name but, your information very useful for me i know all the fish name from tamil .... thank you ...

rani fish

kevin | 29/08/2012

can anyone tell me the tamil name for rani fish

Re: rani fish

nstansa | 10/03/2014


Re: rani fish

vanukrishna | 28/04/2014


Re: Re: rani fish

Prami | 08/02/2015

Sankara is Red Snapper

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Nice & Informative

Veera | 02/12/2011

much Appreciated. Very collective and informative list you got here...there's another listing i came across...just sharing...

Re: Nice & Informative

Yanick (admin) | 18/12/2011

Hi Veera

I'm glad you've come across my blog too. Thanks for the link you've given. It was one of the link i used to make my blog. I've almost come across all the links and sites, and cross checked them to make my blog as a conclusion of all. The link was really useful. feel free to share and give your suggestion on how I can be more useful to you.

Best regards.

do u know these fishes in tamil?

Gerald80 | 08/11/2011

Hi there,

You've got some helpful information on this page. Could u pls tell me what is milk fish and smelt in tamil...some say that smelt is nethli meen...just wanna make sure if tht's right.

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