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This Site is made exceptionally for those who are interested in making, his day to day life, a livelihood. Our Team will make, of these pages, a sharing center of its knowledge, and experiences, including all its researches in Indian Arts and Culture. A Forum will be in your disposal, in view to share your precious ideas and suggestions. As our Team is located in Pondicherry (recently known as Puducherry), this site will make you explore more about pondicherry, specially about things that no one thinks about, except you. Our Team is organized as a guide (Forum) for visitors to give them full satisfaction in what they are looking for.


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At present you can find the names of each and every fishes available in the local market. The names will be given in Tamil, English, and some other languages, including the scientific names of every species and their nutrient data chart. Fishes are not the only species we care about. Information about snakes and it's venoms are furnished to you. Illustrations and photos will help you clear your doubts about snakes. In few lines you'll get the remedies and first aids for snake bites.

Are you interested in cooking? Want to know about south india martial art? Want to know about anything to make a livelihood? Or do you want to make a trip to Pondicherry? Then, you're still at the right place...



Computer's side effects

16/04/2011 11:20
Headaches: due to unergonomic installation (position of monitor, lights, keyboard, mouse, uncomfortable desk). Back pain: due to improper chair sitting position and a lac of back muscles movements. Insomnia: caused by a change of routine, by frequent use of computer in the nights.