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Raja | 14/09/2015

Thanks for so many varieties but I dont find so many varieties of fish in Chennai, Where to find such varieties? also the way fish is sold looks very bad in general...

English name?

JEYARAJ | 25/08/2015

Can anyone tell English and arabic name of Kannaadi paarai meen (fish); i am desparatly searching in the fish market in UAE for that fish...? Pl help.

fish name

sabaa | 08/05/2015

Thanks a lot.....


Sarah | 16/04/2015

I love the website. I came to find the Tamil name for smelt and did! Now I can find good karavadu and kolambu recipes. Thank you!

Fish name

Jagan | 27/03/2015

Could you please let us know Kalanga fish name in English


Nakul | 21/01/2013

Hi thanks for your communication... still i doesn't know the fish tamil name but, your information very useful for me i know all the fish name from tamil .... thank you ...

rani fish

kevin | 29/08/2012

can anyone tell me the tamil name for rani fish

Re: rani fish

nstansa | 10/03/2014


Re: rani fish

vanukrishna | 28/04/2014


Re: Re: rani fish

Prami | 08/02/2015

Sankara is Red Snapper

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Nice & Informative

Veera | 02/12/2011

much Appreciated. Very collective and informative list you got here...there's another listing i came across...just sharing...

Re: Nice & Informative

Yanick (admin) | 18/12/2011

Hi Veera

I'm glad you've come across my blog too. Thanks for the link you've given. It was one of the link i used to make my blog. I've almost come across all the links and sites, and cross checked them to make my blog as a conclusion of all. The link was really useful. feel free to share and give your suggestion on how I can be more useful to you.

Best regards.

do u know these fishes in tamil?

Gerald80 | 08/11/2011

Hi there,

You've got some helpful information on this page. Could u pls tell me what is milk fish and smelt in tamil...some say that smelt is nethli meen...just wanna make sure if tht's right.

Re: do u know these fishes in tamil?

Yanick (admin) | 18/12/2011

Hi Gerald80

Milk fish is simply called Paal meen (in some region), but it's mostly wise to be called Paal Kendai.
Regarding Smelt, the tamil name is Thogai meen, but since the last 10 years or more, it has been called Nethali. There's no much difference between Anchovy and Smelt. They are both called Nethali. Anchovy (nethali) has big mouth and long eyes than smelt. visit the page dedicated to anchovy i've posted new picture showing the difference, specially for you.

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